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What Is Organic Perlite Made From?

Organic Perlite is an excavated mineral rock that comes from volcanic rock or glass. It is typically mixed with potting soil to help manage aeration and drainage of soil for potted plants. This product can be used in hydroponics, seed starting, houseplants, garden beds, and more.

Perlite comes from a naturally occurring siliceous rock that has been used in agriculture for many years. It’s a great soil amendment and can be used to improve aeration, drainage, water retention, and pH levels in your garden. It also helps with weed control by preventing the growth of weeds while allowing airflow through the soil. This makes it perfect for use as an additive when growing plants indoors or outdoors.

It’s typically mixed with potting soil to help manage aeration and drainage of soil for potted plants. You can use it in your garden, greenhouse, or even indoors. Organic perlite is great because it helps improve water retention while allowing excess moisture to drain away easily. This makes it ideal for helping prevent over-watering and root rot. 

Plus, organic perlite has been sterilized so that no harmful chemicals could harm your plants or your health. It’s also lightweight, which means less strain on your back when transporting heavy bags of dirt around the yard.

Chemistry-wise, organic perlite is an inorganic mineral that is naturally extracted from the earth. It doesn’t undergo significant chemical processing, so it’s safe to use around your family and pets. The name organic shows that it is not processed and is directly extracted from the earth.

In summary, organic perlite is a natural mineral that can be used as an alternative to traditional potting soils. It is made up of volcanic glass that has been heated to extremely high temperatures. It’s then expanded into lightweight, porous particles that are used in soil mixes.

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