Our Team

Jimmy Bain


Jimmy used to work as a commercial art gallery manager for multiple museums and institutions in South America before forming Perlite. He hopes to bring his influence to our online community by sharing his ideas and perspectives through writing.

Jimmy Bain

Melanie Scrivens


Melanie has worked in art galleries alongside Jimmy for five years and shared her interest with our founder which led her to join him in his crusade of bringing the arts to the masses.

Melanie Scrivens

Braeden Batts

Senior Editor

Braeden ensures all our content has the Perlite quality and also leads our researchers in finding the best pieces and crafts there is in our modern world today.

Braeden Batts

Jackie Morse

Community Manager

Our social media manager, Jackie, leads our team of young professionals in working towards achieving a vast online presence, so we may share our content with more people online.

Jackie Morse