About Us

Perlite works to see a future where people are influenced by art every day. We will take the art to more readers across the internet worldwide to get there. Here in Perlite, we’re dedicated to making a positive, welcoming feeling connecting enthusiasts with the artists and masterpieces they love.

You’ll find artists in every region of the earth. You’ll find artisans in every nation worldwide. In the USA alone, over 2 million artists put their creative energies out every day and love every minute of it.

Perlite is a community of creatives like you who strive to live artful lives and share your passions in big and small ways every day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower artists with the methods, information, ideas, and influences that help kindle their imaginations and bring them to life. We put those probabilities in your hands through compelling content, online media, and real-time experiences.

Our Vision

To create a platform where artists may showcase the inherent goodness of all people, regardless of personality, culture, origin, sexuality, rank, or gender expression.

Make Perlite your go-to website regarding topics about art, and we’ll make sure to deliver fresh articles weekly.