5 Paths To Encourage Spiritual Awakening – TruthTheory

5 Paths To Encourage Spiritual Awakening - TruthTheory

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

In times gone by spirit was the essence of life. All modern day science, health and arts have been derived from spiritual practice and it is only in recent times that we separated all the principles. Chemistry was derived from alchemy, astronomy from astrology and psychology from mysticism. In these times there was no separation, and the spiritual and physical aspects of these practices were one and the same.

When organised religion came along this created a middle man which sat between the people and god (spirit). Not long after this the principles started to become divided and compartmentalised. There is a famous saying from the emerald tablet, which is written by Hermes Trismegistus, who is thought to be the Egyptian god Thoth reincarnated saying- “as above so below, as below so above.” My short interpretation of this is there is no separation between the heavens, the earth and the underworld. There is no difference between the macro and the micro. The mind, body and spirit in its essence are one and the same.

Given this spiritual practice does not need to be just spiritual practice, but can be part of a mind, body and soul connection. Here are 5 things you can do to find this connection.


Dancing is not just great exercise, but  when you really let go and dance like everyone is watching, but you don’t care- it can be one of the most magical and spiritually connecting things you can do. It also connects the physical movement with the energetic spirit of the music you are listening too.

In the UK We have a morning sober rave called morning gloryville which starts at 6:30am and allows people to connect with the spirit of the music before the day begins. It is one of the most invigorating experiences one can feel of a morning. But if you can’t make it to London to dance you can always throw on your best CD and let loose every once in awhile.

The thing about our bodies and music, is when we actually allow the music in, our bodies become a channel for the movement. You don’t need to learn how to dance or think about it, just let the music in.


Drumming has the ability to put us into an altered state of consciousness. Group drumming specifically helps to create this state. There is something about a group of people getting together and sharing the deep vibrations of drums that feeds us in a language that resonates with the soul on the deepest of levels. And the more people, the more synchronised and rhythmic the circle becomes. Drumming is one of the most ancient and primal methods of reaching an altered state and have great healing potential.


I say movement and not exercise, as exercise comes with a lot of baggage. It has almost become a pain in the backside which people feel they need to do. But real genuine movement is the most natural thing one can do.

Stretch, move like an animal, become primal and allow your body to flow as it is one of the most natural things a person can do.

Exercise has its place and if you like the burn of pushing your body to the limit embrace that, however a good steady walk in the mountains is also beautiful, a slow stretch in your bedroom in the morning is great to get your energy flowing and/pr a simple compartmentalised movement like a handstand is great a a goal to to work towards being able to do.


If you really want to step up your movement game you can try one of the many types of yoga, the only problem is the capitalist spiritual culture which has made yoga strictly about stretching. Yoga in its pure form is an art, and about posture, breathing and the metaphors infused in the poses. Make sure you find a good teacher who infuses all of these elements if you are looking to take it seriously.

Other practices which are similar in principle, are tai chi and many other martial arts.


I use creation understanding that it is the broadest of things. Creation without spirit is not creation at all.

Art, music, love and all that I have spoken about is the embodiment of spiritual practice. We are born to be creative and when you visit more primitive parts of the world it is full of creators, perusing more artistic aspects of life. This is in us and only the culture of work, work and more work has collectively disconnected us from our essence of creation.

I think it is fair to say that spirit is the essence of life and the sooner we can reconnect and embody it along with the mind and body the sooner we can move towards a more harmonious existence. I would love to hear what you do to set your soul on fire, so let me know by shooting me an email at [email protected] much love to you!

I am Luke Miller the author of this article and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.


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