The soil beneath our feet

The soil beneath our feet is the ultimate source of life on this planet. The soil beneath our feet is, also, an unappreciated material we take for granted, especially during this age of modern technology which pushed us away from nature like no generation before. We’re neglecting the fact that we depend on the soil and dirt, in a sense of providing food for us, so as for nutrition for sustaining ecosystems.

Preserving the fertile soil is slowly becoming global problem simultaneously with issues of providing more organic food and green surfaces.

Nowadays, agriculture experts are mainly focused on constructing global strategies to solve these issues. Considering that flexible definition of agriculture saying it’s the artificial cultivation of plants, animals and other life forms, in order to provide food, constructive material and many byproducts, researches in agriculture include a wide range of topics.banner_agriculture

We have designed the blog in an attempt to keep up with as many of them as possible. The leading idea is to publish articles and scientific research documents focused on investigating new strategies and concepts for agriculture promotion and future trends in agriculture.

The material presented on blog covers a wide collection of disciplines and fields of interest within agriculture scientists. The main aim is to support spreading of scientific knowledge and research results among all those involved in agriculture in any way, including other scientists, citizens, technologists and land owners.

Here you can read all about various forms of agriculture, including biodynamic agriculture, industrial agriculture, extensive and factory farming, intensive and organic farming, with particular focus on currently popular and controversial issue of breeding genetically modified food.organic1

If you’re interested in industrial farming or you simply want to know more about all aspects of chemicals and materials utilized in order to increase production, you will come across plenty articles on the matter. Thoroughly explained and back up with strong scientific evidence, there are stories about fertilizers, nitrogen cycle, using sawdust as fertilizer and permaculture.

sh_kombainThe blog publishes research papers on agronomy, plant science and pathology, microbial biotechnology, horticulture and forestry. One whole separate section is dedicated to animal science and veterinary science. Useful to all those directly involved in the agricultural process, there are dozens of research papers on agricultural machinery and engineering, so as about agricultural economic trends, development, updates on technology and rural development. Soil science, water management and ecology friendly strategies are explored thoroughly with a lot of attractive researches done on the matter.

The blog is exploring interactions between agriculture and agro – industry in many areas worldwide in order to compare applied strategies with overall results and promote using of rational and effective approaches.

You will, also, find regular updates of upcoming congresses, seminars and workshops dealing with any of numerous agriculture topics.

Forum and discussion part of the blog are meant for agricultural scientists or interested layman to openly discuss important issues of agricultural researches, compare point of views, extend their knowledge, share information or offer advices and instructions to those directly involved with the processes up there on the fields.